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The JCB Investigative Group is a full service private investigation firm located in Los Angeles County, California. We are licensed in the State of California and have established a statewide network of highly trained and qualified Private Investigators, Process Servers and Security Providers to handle any type of issue or concern you may have.  Our staff, of Investigators and Process Servers, comprise of members of all branches of the armed service and/or law enforcement which provide the training and discipline to effectively get the job done, “The Right Way”.

COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL: All conversations, faxes and e-mails are kept strictly confidential. Your information will not be passed on or shared with anyone without your authorized consent.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide timely and comprehensive services in an aggressive, but highly professional and ethical manner. Call or Contact us if you are looking for Investigative or Security services in California, and we will be happy to assist you.


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The JCB Investigative Group
PI# 26763

P.O. Box 20213
Los Angeles, CA 90006
T: (213) 280-5133
F: +1 (213) 947-0406 

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